Structural Steel Plates 

The strongest solution for large bridges and tunnels 

UltraCor® is the world’s largest and strongest corrugated steel structure that earned a Guinness World Record for its wide span. Frequently used for bridges, tunnels, and grade separations, it combines the advantages of lightweight construction with enormous load-bearing capacity. UltraCor® is durable, eco-friendly and easy to install. 

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Features and Benefits

The widest span

The width of over 30 meters is available for these structures. A bridge made of the UltraCor® steel plates earned a Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest metal buried bridge with a span of 32.39 meters. 

High load capacity

UltraCor® structures are suitable for any class of live loads adapted for your needs. They can withstand the weight of people, cars, trucks, and railroads. 

Fast and simple installation

A bridge of 100×20 m can be assembled in just 3 weeks. The lightweight structures are assembled like a puzzle with a team of one trained supervisor and regular workers. The installation requires only one crane and some basic tools.

Suitable for extreme temperatures

From the far north of Sweden to the scorching heat in Egypt, the structures can be installed both at -50°C and at +50°C. The high-strength steel, corrosion protection, and a simple structure — all ensure UltraCor® durability. We always design the corrosion protection system and apply the painting specific for your geographical area. The installation is not limited by seasons.  

Long service life

The steel of UltraCor® structures is basically protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. Depending on the environment (aggressiveness of water, air and backfill), accurate corrosion protection should be design, including painting system if necessary. It ensures a long service life of 100-120 years. Properly implemented, the structures do not need any special care. 99% of maintenance is surface renovation such as cleaning and reapplying the paint once every 20-30 years. 


Steel is 100% recyclable and uses several times fewer natural resources to be produced than concrete. The quick installation process ensures minimal pollution and environmental disturbance. Finally, the bottomless design uses the stream’s natural bedrock as their foundation which allows the fish to move upstream freely.  

UltraCor® Properties 
  • Span: over 30 m 

  • Load capacity: very high, can withstand any live load classes  

  • Corrugation profile: 500 mm pitch and 237 mm depth 

  • Steel grade: up to 500 MPa (Re) 

  • Stockpile height: over 30 m 

  • Material: hot dip galvanized steel  

  • Painting system/corrosion protection: accurate, depends on the class of the environment aggressiveness 

  • Available shapes: cyclical or elliptical arch (open profile) 

  • Certification: CE Certificate according to norm EN 1090-1, ISO 

  • Bridges and tunnels 

  • Grade separations 

  • Road or rail overpasses  

  • Stockpile conveyor tunnels  

  • Portals 

  • Shelters 

  • Others 

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    How are UltraCor® structures different from other ViaCon bridge solutions?

    They have the deepest corrugation and thanks to this can be built as arch with span over 30m that is not possible by use of other corrugated steel structures”. UltraCor® is better solution then SuperCor or MP200, when we need to cross river, road or railway 30m or more wide, with just one arch.

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